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Friday, November 17, 2017

One of our suppliers for filling and capping machines is growing and is looking for additional staff. Have a look at the opportunities at Sneyders.

Sneyders manufacturers inline filling machines for liquid producs such as motor oils, personal health care and household products. These machines comes in various models (Scaldis, Tigris, Wisla, Amazon) and speeds. The company also engineers and produces one head capping machines for the application of screw-on or push-on caps on PET, HDPE, PE, glass bottles, jerrycans or jars. 

Seamco, as an integrator of stand-alone paackaging machines, is able to provide complete lines starting from unscrambler of depalletisers, fillers, cappers, labellers, cartonning machines and palletisers. All from one hand. 

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