Friday, March 19, 2010

You’re invited to test our new Packlab labeler with your own bottles and labels in our workshops. Our demo machine is equipped to apply self-adhesive labels on bottles all around or front-and-back.

An overview of the new features of this machine

Chain-driven bottle centering. As a result, bottles are positioned even more accurately below the upper conveyor. Bottles are continuously supplied in exactly the same manner to eliminate variation between bottles. The chain-driven centering mechanism enables flexible applications. If desired, an intake worm can be used.

Better access to the machine. Traditionally, machines having moving parts are encased in order to meet CE legislation. Casing takes up space and hinders access to certain parts of the machine. Packlab solves this problem by mounting light curtains on all 4 corners instead of a full enclosure. This makes all labelling heads easily accessible for operators and technicians.

Better protection of the labelling heads. The new labelling heads are compact so they are entirely contained in the chassis of the machine. No more protruding labelling heads to bump into. The overall footprint of the machine has been reduced by 40%

New user-friendly operator screen. Thanks to the pivoting suspension system, the user of the Packlab labelling machine can now access the operator panel from both sides of the machine. This screen can save various sizes (application rate, label position, etc.).

Cylindrical bottles’ front and back labelling. A new suspended release plate on the labelling heads (optional), can now affix labels on the front and back of a cylindrical bottle. As a result, labels do not need to be deposited on a vacuum belt first, and a separate machine no longer needs to be purchased. An additional advantage to better meet the needs of your customers.

Prices start at € 30,000 ex works.




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